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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 24, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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time she's going to serve her full sentence. gene a kim has more from lynwood, california. >> reporter: within minutes of her arrival at the beverly hill courthouse this morning, lindsay lohan was put in handcuffs and sent directly to jail. the same de10:00 center where she spent 13 days of a 90-day sentence a little over a month ago. but this time the judge said no il and no early release. the actress will stay there until at least october 22nd when she is scheduled to appear back in court. >> thenly way that this inmate wold be released, and this happens, by the way, from time to time, is if the judge issues another order. >> reporter: dressed in a mini skirt and six inch heel, she showed little emotion in court as deputies took her away. after the hearing, lohan's ather michael said jail is not the answer. >> lindsay goingto a rehab all along shelf should have never, ever, ever had to see jail time or incarceration in the ucla
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medical facility. >> reporter: last tweak 24-year-old admitted on twitter to failing a court ordered drug and alcohol screening test, wring, regrettably, i did in fact fail may most recent drug test and if i am asked, i am prepared to apar before a judge next week. the confession came after the website reported that she tested positive for cocaine. lohan was released last month after serving three weeks in a drug rehab program and two weeks in jail. she was originally sentenced to 90 days in eachor violating probation on a 2007 drunk driving conviction. if lohan had complied with all of her court mandated drug tests, she could have been done in november but now that is unlikely to happen. news4. >> jail officials say lohan will be segregated from the rest of the jail population for the safety and security of the entire system. they say so far, she's been cooperative and she has done
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everything asked of her. police in miami are still looking for three suspects who allegedly strapped bomb to a bank teller, then forced the teller to steal money for them. police stay robbers actually took the bank teller hostage in h home for sevel hours this morning. they reportedly strapped an explosive device to his chest. then took him to the bank of america branch where he works. two of the suspects sent him into the bank to get the cash while another suspect held the father's teller hostage athe house. all three suspects escaped after they got the money. police were able to safely remove the explosives from the teller. no one was injured. police are still looking for a spect after a car chase that began in maryland and ended with a shoot-out in the district. the search is centered around minnesota avenue southeast near ft. dupont park. police have reopened the part of minnesota avenue that was shut down earlier. they say around 2:30 this orning, at least two suspects
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were involved in an armed robbery on kennelwords avenue in prince george's county. then anoth man stole a car on silver hill road in suitland. officers chased both cars into the district. one of the cars stopped and two suspects allegedly opened fire on polic they were arrested. police are now looking for at least one more suspect who got away in stolen car. they're for a burgundy 2004 toyota avalon. it has maryland tags. the tag number is 75460 hz. >> clean-up efforts are underway after a massive fire destroyed three northern virginia mes and damaged several others. the blaze broke out on tillett loop in manassas and quickly spread. >> reporter: hot spots kept firefighters busy all night and all morning long. it was huge. i've never seen something so big.
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>> reporter: kathy kennedy is one of the lucky ones. her home had moderate damage but is salvageable. she was able to escape with her two young children. >> reporter: the neighbors say the fire started in the backyard and possibly on the deck of a home on tillett loop. firefighters say the win caused the fire and flames to jump from house to house. all the homes in the summer lake neighborhood sit close to one another. >> it is very close. it is a house. but the price was right at that time. a disaster. >> reporter: it took dozens of firefighters more than two hours to bring the firender control.
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three home were destroyed. five others damaged. a few pets in one of theomes didn't survive. >> i noticed several speculative causes and origin have been reported by witnesses. would not put any credence in those yet. i would ask everyone to wait for the cause to bedetermined. >> reporter: a total of 11 people were displaced from their homes. the fire marshal's office says they'll know by next week at the earliest what causedhe fire, and there is also a possibility they may never know. in manassas, news4. now the fire marshal say while the home are close to each other they don't violate any codes and were built according to rules in place at the time. pa for the first time in nearly 100 years, virginia has executed a woman. teresa lewis was pronounced dead from a lethal injection at 9:13 last night at the greensville
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correctional center in jarrett. she hired two men to kill her husband and stepson in south side virginia, back in 2002. in her final words, lewis told her late husband's daughter that she loved her and that she was very sorry. a few months ago the national transportation safety board blasted them over safety issues. now they have praise for the transit agenc the gains its made in the past year. the head of the ntsb testified before a congressional hearing yeerday. she said metro rail and its system is significantly safer. now than it was in the past year when a train crash on the red line killed nine people and injured dozens of others. >> they have ne a lot of learning in the last year plus. and i believe that the metro board wasvery willing to listen to the safety board after our report was concluded. and they have taken many of those lessons to heart. and i think that they're beginning to make many
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improvements that have been long overdue. >> the ntsb saidetro started implementing more than a dozen of the board's safety recommendations. they include replacing the 1,000 series cars that collapsed in that crash. and metro is set up a hotline so workers can report safety problems anonymously. metro's interim genal manager agreed the system is safer, but he cautioned that, quote, we have a long way to go. you may want to bull in some extra time if you're taking metro this weekend. spe expect half-hour delays because of track work. trains on the orange line will be single tracking between the vienna and west fall church stations. on the blue and yellow lines, you'll be facing delays between the pentagon city and braddock road tations. there will also be blueine delays between franconia, springfield and largo town stations. and on the green line, add at least 20 minutes to your commute if you're traveling between
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branch avenue and mailer road stations. >> hundds of people have been forced out of their home by massive flooding across minnesota and wisconsin. it's '42iflooding produced by a lingering storm. just yesterday, rivers and creeks have overflowed into neighborhoods and both states are now under atate of emergency. the wionsin national guard distributed a total of 30,000 sandbags to help deal with the flooding. the rain has stopped for now but it is back in the forecast for tomorrow. we're cooking for one more day. the calendar does say fall but it is feelina whole lot like summer still. >> we're sizzling. veronica johnson tells us when we'll cool f. >> some extreme heat today. even a little humi at time, too. that was the early part of the day. we had a little humidity. some mistand fog across the area. but boy, oh, boy, we got to 98
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degrees. 98, the last time we were at 98 so late in the year. it was ba in 1983. that was on september 10th. look at the temperatures. they've not dropped very much. 97 degrees. foggy ttom, you folks around takoma park, suit ladd maryland. alexandria at 97 degrees right now. tyson's corner at 96. you folks in montgomery county also at 96 degrees. so today is now our 66th day. 90 degrees or higher. we had 67 days in 1990. are we going to get any more 90s around here? that's my tease for u. we have a south westerly wind. you can see the front that came through and produced the flooding. it is to the west of our area. i'll tell you what we will have. temperatures on the good night forecast, 85 degrees by 7:00 p.m. skies will be clear. 67 by 11:00 p.m. for us, a dry day, a dry easy
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eveng. cooler conditions? perhaps much cooler contions on the way for the weekend. then we'll talk about how wet it will be. we'll have all that coming up. >> we'll see you then. when news4 at 4:00 continues, a trial full of drama. now an answer from the movie, 40-year-old virgin learns his fate after chars of attempted murder. an emotional mission to free her friends in a truly engaging story. one woman who was just reased fr iran. and nine decades into her life, a woman takes a great leap of faith to celebrate her birthday.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jk up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
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ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. eddie fisher has died at the age of 82. fisher sold milons of records back in the 1950s with hits sch as thinking of you and oh my
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papa. he married debbie reynolds in 1955. they were calledamerica's favorite couple. however a lot of fans turned against him after he divorced reynolds to marry actress elizabeth taylor. she then dumped him five years later to marry actor richard burton. fisher ended up marrying five time. carrie fier the actress is one of his daughters. eddie fisher died from complications of hip surgery. sarah shourd is in new york trying to meet with the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. she is hopi to win frdom for her fiance and her friend. all three were hiking near the unmarked border betweeniran and iraq. this morning on the "today" show, she said an iranian judge will her she was being released because her punishment was exceptionally harsh. she was kept in solitary confinement with no human contact except for the one hour a day that she was allowedto
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spend outside with bauer and fattal. >> my whole day was centered around waiting for that moment. it was my only human contact. my only time. and as the hours grew nearer to my time outside, i would pace the room, ringing my hands, often tears streaming down my face and seeing them was my only relief. >> shane bauer proposed to her during one of the vits and he gave her an engagement ring that he fashioned out of thread. she still wears that today. we're talking love again this week with ellen mccarthy of the "washington post. great to see you again as always on friday. >> you, too. >> first up we start with one of the sweetest weddings we hav seen in a while. not a traditional couple. >> i loved this one. this is the story of marie and
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jim. they're both widowers. they came fom long marriages. he is 83 years old and she is 77. they were residents at briarwood communicate center in silver spring. they met actually swi dancing. she was coming around one way, he was coming around the other. and she smiled at me andhat was all it took. and you know, there was a little bit of resistance on her part, i have to say. she finally didn't have to take care anyone, this mother of eight. she had her own place. didn't to have cook or clean for anyone. once they came to an agreement if they married, she would not to have cook dinner for him every nature, she said she would. so they will continue to go to the dining hall as they were before. >> that's great. >> it was such a great wedding. all 14 kids were there. all of briarwood showed up. it was very sweet. >> that's great. they take a great picture. what a handsome couple. now we move on to date lab. who did the post pick up? >> this is wade.
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he is a 27-year-old pharmacist and also just a really big athlete. this guy is always snow boarding and wake boarding and he really likes to learn new things. so she is hoping that, to find a girl who also had that quality. he like girls who are confident, have some street-smarts and really sort of enthused about life. we kep that in mind when we set him up witjena. she is a hug athlete like him. she likes to play basketball and she told us she was hoping to meet somebody who might motivate her to learn to cook. and he actually went to culinary school. so we thought, okay, this might work. we sent them out. they immediately thought the other one was cute. kind of hit it off right away. she talk about baking, he talked about cooking. >> really! >> they very quickly decided not to end the date at the restaurant so they went out further. at one point she wa laughing so loudly she got embarrassed that she was interrupting the other patrons. and he said don't worry, it's
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fine. they're just jealous. they wsh they were having as much fun as we are. >>hey both like to cook. maybe they can cook for the briarwood couple, too. >> you have to read sunday to feigned out. >> if there is a connection. we will. great pictures there. and of course you can feigned out all the details of the date in the post this sunday. or go to you can get ideas where to take your own dates on ourwebsite. >> let's head for the highways. when we come back, coming up next, ashley is in the -- >> we have some problems. it is certainly friday out there. it is a very tight shop. try not to get lost. the inner loop, a bit of a free for all right now but drivers are in theory getting by to the
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far left. a very serious accident as you can see. emergency crews still rolling up. so inner loop delays are starting to stack up on the approach to kennelworth. as we travel he will where around the beltway, we do have delays. here is the pace as you make your approach. this is the outer loop inching along down toward the bottom of the screen and continuing toward the american legion grid across the american legin, this is the pace. painfully slo inching along. typical friday. it's not a typical friday and some good news is that 95 o of springfield looks pretty nice. we have more substantial delays and you'll find them taking your trip toward quantico. back to you. >> thanks, ashley. coming up, the model who puts the fall into fall fashi show. talk about a blowout on the runway. >> lost a tire there.
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you may not be able to see katy perry on sesame street but you can catch her tomorrow night on saturday night live.
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have we got a day for you. sunday is our 18th annual blue bird blues festival at prince geor's communicate college. acts from all over the country, booths start to open up about 7:30 all the way to 6:00 on sunday. that's at the largo main campus. princgeorge's community college. we'll be there looking for you. rain or shine, we should say. >> rain or shine. there is only a very slight for a showe we'll have more coming up onthe next list. for right now, know that it is cooke outside. it is hot. 97 degrees right now. as inearlier, we got to 8. a little bit of haze today after the morning mist and the morning fog. 97. what it feels like now.
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99 degrees. humidity is at 39. we've got a south to south westerly wind. 16 miles an hour. generally this afternoon, running between 10 and 20. by 11:00 p.m., only down to 80 degrees. then in the upper 60s to low 70s early tomorrow morning. we'll start to get some clouds as the day unfolds. just few clouds. not many. still calling it mostly sunny. look at the heat. 93 now this time in memphis. again our heat peaking here in the mid-atlantic. we'll be peaking and getting rid of the humidity th's driving up the heat index values. there's cold front. the same one that produced all that rain in minnesota. you can see how the line is much thinner. the system is weakening. we're not going to g any rain out of it. just a little wind for saturday afternoon. just a little breezy. we are definitely going to get the cool on this system. by the time we get to sunday, we'll be hard pressed to get out of the low 70s. there it is over the next 48 hours.
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the front moving through. makng its way. some cooler nights coming up, too, by the time we get to monday morning. that's what we've got to talk about, too. a lot of next week and how we'll see the whol pattern change around the area. over the last couple weeks, it has been high across the eastern part of the nation. now it will be digging down. as it digs down, it will pick up se moisture and there will be some moisture to pick up. now the tropics are wake up. we've got tropical storm matthew right on the t of nicaragua right now. the 2:00 p.m. advisory said it was just offshore. right now it's right on the border. it will bring a lot of rain as it makes its way westward. we'll see more and more systems in the caribbean as the that muches wer temperatures in the atlantic. more storms not only the next week but the next couple weeks. we need the beneficial rains. the one thing we don't like doing is gng from a drought, of course, to a flood. here it is for your evening. 90 and dropping to about 79
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degrees for your evening. 65 to 70. fog is less likely tomorrow morning. and then a high torrow of 83 to 87. again, not as hot and a little bit of wind for the afternoon. the four day forecast on sunday, a very slight chance of rain. it most of that is at night. rains likely on monday. still a possibility on tuesday. notice the big cool-off for the weekend. >> we've earned it. a british grandmother decided to jump right into her 90th year today. >> an adventurus grandmother she is. she celebrated her birthday by sky diving. her name is joan hardy. she jumped with britain's red devil parachute team. she did it for a good cause. i guess her birthday. the jump was to raise money for the royal british legion which is celebrating the 90th anniversary this year. after the jump, jones said the experience was in her words, smashing. >> very british thing to say.
4:27 pm
she smiled and laughi on the way down. >> she has a lot of guts. >> still to come this afternoon, got drugs? the feds want them. and tomorrow is theday you can turn them in. pete williams joins to us explain what this is all about. and why health officials fear too many people won't be getting flu shots this area.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and'm jim handly. >> back behind bars. the judge sent lindsay lohan to jail today. she will remain long up until a hearing october 22nd. this is her third stint behind bars. related to a 3-year-old dui case. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said today he would have no problem meeting with american hiker sarah shourd. whether that meeting will take place before he leaves nework is another question. ten days ago shourd s released from an iranian prison. she is hoping to convince mahmoud ahmadinejad to free her fiance and their friend. all three were arrested last summer and charged with espionage. police in miami are looking for three suspec whollegedly
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strapped an explosive device to a bank teller. then forced the teller to steal cash for them. the suspects reportedly health the teller hostage for hours in his own home before taking him to the bank to get the money. police were able to safely remove the explosivefrom the material. after the suspect got away. a new effort kicks off this week to deal with the nation's fastest growing drug problem. that's prescription drug abuse. the goal is to keep those drugs out of the hands of people who could be harmed by them. nbc's chief justice correspoent pete williams is here with details on this story. >> reporter: they always used to say if you had drugs, just flush them down the drain. but i turns pout contaminates the water supply. and if they're simply thrown away, they can be retrieved from the garbage. so now the nation's drug agents sayurn them in let the dea destroy them.
4:32 pm
in arlington, virginia, police and federal drug agents prare to arrest a suspected dealer. an undercover drug agent will make the buy in an area known as the source of illegal drugs. but the suspect wasn't dealing cocaine or heroin. he was arrested for selling oxycodone. one of the nation's widely prescribed painkiller abuse of that drug and others like it has risen 400% in the past decade, fwk nation's fastest growing drug problem. >> we're in a residential community with a school right across the street from where we're at. and here is an individual, you know, selling prescription pills on the street. >> reporter: the dea said prescriptions rank only behind marijuana on drugs taken to get high and they're involve in the majority of the 26,000 overdose drugs a year. it was a pill from a medicine cabinet that killed 18-year-old timmy strain of pennsylvania. after a doctor prescribed pain medicine when he burped his hands in an accident, he was
4:33 pm
still hurting. his girlfriend's mother offered him a painkiller she was taking. that combination turned out to be disastrous. >> we took him to the hospital. a parent's worst nightmare. they said timmy was dead. >> reporter: now his parents are urging people nationwide to get rid of their unused and outdated supplies of pills. >> it might not be your child. it might be one of your child's friends coming in to your house, asking to use the bathroom, rifling through your medicine cabinet. because that has happened. >> if you have unneeded or expired medications -- >> reporter: when the drug enforcement administration urged people to pitch their pills late last year in new jersey, the results were astonishing. in a single day more than 9,000 pounds of prescription drugs turned in. that's more than 3.5 million pills.
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>> the dea hopes to get more tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there are more than 000 drop i don't have points nationwide. they include most police stations and fire stations. if you want to find the ones near you, you can find them on the web. you click on a couple links and it will show you where to go. >> that's a lot of pills. it is a successfulprogram. >> they know it has worked locally. they will see what happens if they try to cross the country. >> an important story. >> thanks, pete. > the start of the flu season just around the corner but pee aren't running out to get a flu shot. the reason? flu shot fatigue. health experts are finding a general resistance to getting the flu shot this year partly to blame are fears about the h1n1 virus spreading. also, a shortage of flu vaccine followed by a relatively mild outbreak of the illness last year. allow, health authorities say there is value to getting the
4:35 pm
shot. >> we did not see as many cases of the flu last year but if you get it, you'll wish you had a flu hot. >> the d.c. metro area will have school based clinics but local and state health officials say there won't be the mass lines at clinic that's we saw last year. >> we've got a lot more to come on news4. a radical change could be coming to school vending chines and activities, too. as the federal government tries to get rid of unhealthy food. >> we'll tell you about a beer so special, kit only be made once a month or twice in a blue moon. ♪
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♪ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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congress has one we to approve funding for the federal school lunch program or the money will run out. >> lawmaker are considering a new bill that provides the funding but also imposes tight
4:39 pm
new restrictions on junk food. the-stick point is how the program is funded. tracy pots has our story. >> what washington sends your school to help pay for lunch hasn changed in over 30 years. congress wants to bump at up by about a nickel per meal. it is still not enou. fairfax county, virginia, loses 58 to 77 cents on everymeal. >> we're alreadydding fruits and vegetables, whole grains. it is raising our costs but we're walk the talk. >> reporter: this new bill would require the government to eliminate ju food in the lunch room and vending machines, even at school events. >> we find the political will to help small companies and small bks. now we're trying to ask the congress to find the political will to help small children. >> it's not enough to just stick anpplen the tray. if the child doesn't like an apple, they won't eat it. you need to give them a few different choices. >> reporter: the controversy is over how this $4.5 billion program is being paid for by
4:40 pm
cutting fute food stamp benefits. >> we have more people depending on food stamps to feed their families than at any other point history. >> reporter: the obama admintration argues those cuts won happen for three years. but hungry kids need healthy, affordable school lunch today. tracie potts. >>michael bloomberg is a critic of the bill because it reduces future food stamp benefits. >> he said it would reduce the availability of healthy fods in children's home in favor of providing the same children with healthy options at school. >> when we come right back,n snl alum returns. tomorrow night to kick off the new season, we've got a preview coming up. >> that should be a really fun show. and many fathers have probably embarrassed their kids at some point in their lives. here's one father trying to top that.
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there's going to be a lot to do this weekend. >> this will be a hard one for so many families. when you get a bigger group, it is harder to decide and boy, is it ever this weekend. not becse there's anything going on but because there' so much going on. take a look. the clear skies and most of this weekend is going to be dry. some of your weekend events,
4:44 pm
we're putting them on for and know they can all be found online. this is just a handful of what's going on on saturday. you have the octoberfest, the barracks road fest in silver spring. block party event on sunday. fiesta down at mount pleasant. if you want to take your dog, head to alexandria. if you want to stomp some grapes prg might be me. i might head to sugar load. >> can we do it all? can you fit it all into one weekend? >> a fun contest. you could have a car that you get stamped and then run around like crazy. >> and get your feet dirty. >> and then some. the temperatures out, there oh, plenty warm. columbia heights in d.c., 97 degrees. t cool spot, take a look at annapolis to fit 81. owing city, too. 84 degrees right now. dover, delaware at 96. night sky again, you have the moon and jupiter. this time they're pretty far
4:45 pm
apart. that's in the eastern sky about an hour after sunset. early tomorrow morning, dry conditions. 70 to 71. i don't think we'll have any fog across the area and it won't be as hot tomorrow either. the high, about 86 degrees. your fourday forecast. there it is. slight chance of rain on sunday. a better chance though, monday and tuesday of next week. we could get a little more possibly toward the end of next week. it star to change and we see another system around southeast making its way northward. >> all right. have a great weekend. >> you, too. the former saturday night live cast member amy poehler is returning to the show. this time she will be hosting it. >> we have missed her jl though she has her own show thursday nights. she wil be co-hosting for the 36th premier season. >> reporte: being in the cast of saturday night live is one thing. >> i'm hosting the season
4:46 pm
premier -- >> reporter: being host for the first time is another. >> you keep looking over your shoulr like who is hosting and you realize it's you. >> reporter: she joked about jimmy fallon about coming back to the show. >> any familiar characters? >> we'll do crazy susan. >> you're making up names. these aren't real people. >> you are making thing up. >> reporter: that's what th days before showtime are all about. >> i don't like to hear that at all. making thing up. >> it takes a lot of pressure off having a host because you know how it all works here. not that it's bad when you won't. >> reporter: her hosting stint come less than two months after giving bth to her second son. >> the craziest thing is that she has two kids and she's back at work. she is an unstoppable machine. ♪ i liked it >> reporter: the team includes musical guest katy perry.
4:47 pm
they had welcome mat out for her even if her video was too risque for sesame street. >> i guess i see her at a lot of diferent events it turns out it might be aifferent standard on the vma than on sesame street. >> reporter: the stand dart for snl is simply to deliver laughs. nbc news. >> we need them both book there again. it all starts, the fun, saturday night. >> a show to watch. coming up at 4:00, it was not a model situation. a fashion runway in london this week truly a walk on the wild side. tonight on news4 at 5:00, she's been touted as e national model for education reform. why are some wok the idea of michelle rhee leaving d.c.? ps, a lasting tribute to a world war ii vet who had to wait half a century to get his medal of hono and it's called the judgment room. a local company gives interns
4:48 pm
five minutes to sell themselves. but the real test happens right when they step through door. tho stories straight ahead.
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this next story sort of gives new meaning to the term fall fahion. happened in london. this model was just leaving the cat walk earlier this week when as you can see, she took a spill and then she seemed okay. but couldn't quite get that other se back on her foot. >> some days are just bad days. >> we all know that parental involvement is important but this father may have taken thing a little too far with his antics. check out this video from youtube. we're not sure if it is a bad case of saturday night fever or maybe bieber fever. either way, his daughters aren't the only ones ineffected. you might say dad is a little
4:52 pm
delirious. unfortunately, this scene for an entire 3:23. that's how long the song lasts. probly t longest 3:30 o those girls' you lives >> the girl are not having any of it. how old is dad, is what i want to know a belgian company is starting production on the very if i remember beer. brewed only on nights when there a full moon. they say it shortens the fermation process and creates a stronger beer. he first batch will likely be available just before halloween. the brewery says it is planning to bring its beer to the u.s. soon. >> still ahead on news4, courtroom drama in the case of an actor on trial for attempted murder. >> hep! help! 911! call 911! he's killing me! the jury decides the fate foran actor from theovie
4:53 pm
"40-year-old virgin." >> the comedian and congress. why stephen colbert'srip to [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things youant? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, hat helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute money when you feel like it... then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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at right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've de record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's worng. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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comedian stephen colbert brought his humor to capitol hill. he spoke before an immigration subcommittee about the serious issue of illegal farm workers. he had spent his day on a farm pac corn and picking beans. he call his experience in the field very, very hard. there were some awkward moments after colbert testified. house judiciary chairman john conyers asked him to leave the room so they could get on with the rest of the witnesses. but the subcommittee chairman who had invited colbert recommended that he stay and could notti icon
4:57 pm
said that would be okay. >> it was no laughing matter where they convi the actor for the attempted murder. he is best known for his supporting role in the 40-year-old virgin. george lewis has more on the dramatic trial. ridn't take the jury very long to come back with bad news for actor shelley. >> we the jury in the above entitled cause find the defendant guilty of the crime of attempted rder. >> reporter: guilty of trying to kill kendra bebe who used to be his girlfriend and using a deadly weapon to assault beebe's male companion, david maldonado. >> reporter: t trial was fill with men of drama testimony. he claimed he was flailing wildly with a knife. >> back and forth. >> reporter trying to defend himself from an attack by maldonado when he stabbed beebe more than 20 times. >> his hand was behind his back. >> reporter: kendra broke down on the witness stand as she described the attack.
4:58 pm
>> i saw a flash of silver. and he went, bang,bang, bang. i screamed at the top of my lungs, like help, help, 911. call911! he's killing me! >> reporter: the most prominent role was as a character aziz in the movie wil. >> it's a free country. >> reporter: on tv appearances in the drama without a trace and the sitcom scrubs. prosecutors say he doesn't deserve any oscars for his performance in the courtroom because his story just didn't add up. >>hen shelly cse to take the witness stand in his own defense, my opinion speak shot himself in the fo. he might as well as jumped into a coffin and nailed it from the inside. >> reporter: co-face a sentence of 16 years to life. after the verdict, beebe was relieved. >> in domestic violence, no one
4:59 pm
wins. the one good thing is that now other women will be protecd. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be sentend on november 18th. george lewis, nbc news, go los angeles. news4t 5:00 starts right now. residents e assessing the damage after fast moving flame tore through an upscale neighborhood in manassas. three homes were destroyed. five others were damaged in the unfern over. od evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. ighbors believe the flames started in the backyard of the subdivision. some homeowners were in tears as they went back to see what was left of their gutted propert derrick ward is live at the scene with the latest on the


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